With our customized and highly scalable platforms across multiple mobile VAS mediums such as SMS, Voice & Email, we bring business benefits to enterprises. Enterprises benefit from our leading infrastructure, direct carrier connections and industry knowledge. We also design & develop top class mobile experiences from scratch via our offering of native applications in iOS,

Mobile VAS

Lead Generation, SMS Push : Profiled, SMS Push : Bulk, Voice, Email

Our vision to benefit enterprises with our experience in Enterprise VAS. Our platforms highly scalable and reliable supporting SMS, Voice and Email. With our reliable and scalable communication channels, enterprises can connect with existing or prospect clients.

Lead Generation

Getting to the right customer is a never-ending queue. It takes up a lot of time and resources of a company. Delegate this task to us and we will give you one of the best conversion rates in the industry. We have the winning formula for reaching the right customers in most cost effective way. The leads are captured and shared in timely manner with the client for quick action.

SMS Push : Profiled

With an astonishing open rate of 98%, the role sms in reaching out to the right audience can never be understated. We have sourced fresh profile data of mobile users across India. Promotional SMS can be pushed over these dimensions : location, income, gender, HNI, DTH subscribers, frequent flyers, and many more.

SMS Push : Bulk

Our dedicated push pipes enable to send large volumes of sms in a go. You no longer face many common challenges such as: delayed message delivery, throughput limitations and poor customer service. The delivery reports (DLR) can also be customized as per client’s needs. Bulk SMS services can be used for marketing activities like New product launches, Sales promotions, Brand awareness & Event promotion.


Recorded call push can be utilized for getting customer’s feedback, sending renewal/payment reminder, elections, surveys etc. Our cloud platform enables scaling these campaigns to unbelievable levels. We provide detailed and summary reports in shortest time possible. With direct relations with leading Indian operators, we can provide this solution in most cost-effective way.


Our powerful cloud-based e-mail platform delivers industry standard promotional, transactional and
OTP e-mails. An email marketing strategy is part of every enterprise’s overall marketing strategy and business plan. Now take your customer experience to the next level. We offer e-mail API for seamless integration with IT infrastructure. Real-time reports are provided with data points like email open, link clicked, bounces & abuse complaints.

Mobile Apps

The mobile app market is growing faster than ever. With Smartphone penetration at a record high, no company can ignore this medium for expressing its brand. More and more people use apps for getting information, gaming, shopping, education, entertainment, health etc. Most of the serious brands now have their apps on Google Play or Apple Store.

This is a great channel to connect with your prospects and customers on a real time basis and therefore allow for immediate and accurate consumer feedback and insight. We design apps for Android and iOS platforms that are user-friendly, interactive and engaging. Our in-house team of designers and developers have a decade of experience in building apps.


Sarvasya works with ambitious companies to build bold brands people love. We take up brand challenge and solve strategic problems aligning your business and culture around a clear narrative.

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